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This website has been put together with the utmost care. Here you can read what I have taken into account, among other things.

Privacy statement

I do not knowingly collect data from you as a visitor. If you fill in a contact form, it will only be sent to me as an e-mail. Your data will not be stored on this website. Nor will you receive unsolicited advertising from me.

Your IP address may be used to protect the website against possible malicious use. However, for me this is not traceable to individual users.

I keep anonymised data from visits to this website, with the aim of understanding how this website is used. This data cannot be traced back to individual persons. If you wish, you can opt out here:

Accessibility statement

During the development of this website, I paid a lot of attention to its accessibility.

Currently, this website is still under development and I have not yet tested it extensively. You may still encounter accessibility issues as a result. If that is the case, I hope you will let me know.

I am still trying to (have) the following known issues solved:

  • There is a skip link that allows keyboard users to skip repetitive content. However, this skip link skips the first headline (the page title). Alternatively, you can have this page title read out or see it in the browser’s title bar.
  • The error messages in forms are not yet fully accessible. I am currently working on a stable solution for this.
  • I do not yet offer dark mode, as I have not yet found an accessible plug-in for this. My idea now is to create and implement it myself, including on other sites I manage.

Sustainability statement

While developing this website, I also took into account its sustainability. For instance, I chose a green hosting provider and tried to keep the website as minimal as possible.

Therefore, when it went live, this website already scored pretty well in terms of sustainability. I still have some steps to take, but first I need to take other steps. I will explain these actions later in an article on this website.


All images on this site are self-created or downloaded from Unsplash. When doing so, I have deliberately looked for images that are royalty-free.

If you believe your copyright has been infringed, please contact me in the first instance. After all, this was not done intentionally.

Language and typing errors

This website may contain language and typing errors. My mother tongue is Dutch and for the English and Swedish pages I use a translation programme that supports me in this. If the texts contain typing errors or ambiguities, please let me know.