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Under the name alverdae, I have been performing services to improve the accessibility and sustainability of websites and online documents since the end of 2023.

This is also reflected in the name: “al” stands for “for all” and “verde” stands for green. The name is officially written with a lower case letter to emphasise that everyone is the same, even letters.

Establishment and taxes

The company alverdae is a sole proprietorship based of Sander Nijsingh in Gislaved, Sweden. I am tax liable in Sweden. For privacy reasons, I have not published my tax number here on the website. However, you will find this on my invoices.

You can of course just do business with me from the Netherlands, Belgium or other countries. However, I will need your VAT number. This is because then I can send an invoice without Swedish moms (similar to VAT). This is also called “VAT reverse charge” and means that the country in which the customer is located can levy the VAT.

All you then have to do is add the VAT yourself in your accounting, e.g. 21% in the Netherlands. You can then deduct this again as input tax, so that on balance you pay €0. If necessary, ask your accountant for more information.

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IAAP certified CPACC

I have completed various education and training courses in the field of digital accessibility. In addition, I hold an IAAP CPACC certification.

It is my goal to make my communication accessible and therefore I do an internal check before sending anything. If you still experience problems with accessibility, I will do my best to solve them.


It is also my goal to carry out my work in the most sustainable way possible. I do most of my work from home, where I use 100% fossil-free energy. My food and drinks are organic as much as possible. When I travel on business, I prefer to use public transport.

Sustainable Development Goals

Read how we together contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).