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  • Partnership with Accessibility Cloud
    I recently became a proud partner of Accessibility Cloud. This means we can offer you a total solution for accessible websites and documents.
  • First aid for accessibility complaints
    Have you received a complaint about the accessibility of your website or document and don’t you know what to do about it? Here is a concrete roadmap.
  • I am IAAP certified!
    I have been working on digital accessibility for many years and now I also have a certificate that indicates that I have the right knowledge and skills.
  • What WordPress can mean for you
    WordPress is a system that allows you to easily publish and manage your website. Why should you choose it?
  • What is digital sustainability?
    The concept of sustainability is very broad and can cover many different topics. One of those topics is digital sustainability.
  • What is digital accessibility?
    Digital accessibility means making your website, app and online document available to everyone, including people with disabilities.