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Are you running into something or want to spar with someone about possible solutions? Have you followed a training course but are still struggling to put what you have learned into practice? Then think of me as your coach or mentor.

What is accessibility coaching?

Through one-to-one coaching or coaching-on-the-job, you can think of me as your right hand or co-pilot in the field of digital accessibility. No AI, just personal and human contact. Together, we get to work concretely on improving the accessibility of your website, web app or document.

Using new insights, clear explanations and challenging questions, I will try to increase your knowledge and skills in the field of digital accessibility. As a result, you will increasingly be able to analyse and solve problems yourself. My goal is to make you increasingly independent in this.

Experienced coach and mentor

I have previously held the role of coach and mentor, helping fellow researchers increase their knowledge and skills. I am further known as someone who listens well, enjoys collaboration and gives respectful but honest feedback.

I can also assist you as an accessibility coach. It does not matter whether you are a developer, UX/UI designer or editor, how experienced you are and at what stage you need coaching. I can also coach an entire team.

What does accessibility coaching cost?

Coaching is actually a form of consultancy, where you basically buy my time. We can do this in a way that best suits you and your work process: in advance, monthly or afterwards. Expect an hourly rate of 100 euros excluding VAT.

Note: The prices mentioned may change and therefore you cannot derive any rights from them. The prices I mention in the quote are the correct prices.

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