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With a semi-automated quick scan, you get quick and low-cost insight into the most glaring accessibility problems of your website, web app or document.

What is a quick scan?

I examine a small number of pages or screens – usually between 5 and 10 – manually and with the help of automatic tools. It is also possible to have a particular component or part of a page or screen examined. You will receive a report with – where possible – suggestions for improvement. This allows you to start improving some accessibility problems at an early stage.

I perform this quick scan using the success criteria of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), version 2.1, level A and AA. A discussion of the results is not part of the quick scan, but you can choose it as an additional option.

A quick scan is not a full accessibility audit and therefore cannot be used as substantiation in your accessibility statement. Its main purpose is to help you gain insight into the digital accessibility of your website, web app or document in a low-threshold manner and to be able to solve some problems in advance.

What does a quick scan cost?

The basic principle of a quick scan is that I try to find and describe as many accessibility problems as possible in one half-day session. Here, count on a price around 400 euros excluding VAT.

Note: The prices mentioned may change and therefore you cannot derive any rights from them. The prices I mention in the quotation are the correct prices.

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