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An accessibility audit lets you know the extent to which your website, web app or document is accessible to people with disabilities.

What is an accessibility audit?

I manually examine about 15 to 25 pages of your website using 50 measurable success criteria from the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.1, levels A and AA and the additional requirements from the European standard EN 301 549. When WCAG version 2.2 becomes part of the European standard, I will perform the audit using that version.

You will receive a comprehensive report describing the result for each success criterion, with a number of examples of problems found (if any). If your website does not meet a criterion, you will receive a concrete description of the problem and, where possible, advice for a solution.

For websites, web apps and documents

An accessibility audit is possible for websites and any subdomains, web applications, and PDF documents. For PDF documents, I do not take a sample, but usually examine the entire document. Exceptions are large documents consisting of repetitive content. For web apps, I examine screens and processes.

I perform the audit according to the established evaluation method WCAG-EM and provide a complete picture of the accessibility of your website, web app or document using a representative sample. You can use the report to support your accessibility statement.

Discussion of the audit results

After you receive the audit report, I will be happy to schedule an online meeting with you. In this meeting, we will go through the audit results and you will have the opportunity to ask questions. This may include your colleagues and suppliers.

What does an accessibility audit cost?

Conducting an accessibility audit is largely human work. There are automatic tools you can use to test a section for accessibility, but these often miss problems and often cannot determine the context and connection between problems. Therefore, I do an audit mainly manually.

The cost of an audit therefore depends heavily on the size and complexity of the website, web app or document. Expect a price between 1200 and 2000 euros excluding VAT.

Note: The prices mentioned may change and therefore you cannot derive any rights from them. The prices I mention in the quote are the correct prices.

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